Easy Cooking with a Pressure Cooker

Health is the most important component in leading a happy and successful life. But none of us have got the time, from our busy schedules, to make a healthy meal for ourselves. In such times of busy routine, people turn to appliances like a pressure cooker that can give them a healthy and a faster way to cook a meal. Resembling a regular pot, a pressure cooker is a much more useful kitchen appliance than a pot. Due to shortage of time, people nowadays rely on junk food to fill up their stomachs. What they don’t know is that they can cook a pure and healthy meal in a pressure cooker saving a lot of their time. If you have any doubts of buying a pressure cooker for cooking you can further check out its benefits and some quick dinner recipes which you can make easily and quickly using a pressure cooker.


Meals that take too much time to cook, for example a delicious and healthy sausage soup or a mouth-watering chicken stew can be cooked in a pressure cooker much more quickly. In contrast to older techniques of cooking, a pressure cooker can give up to 30 to 40 percent quicker cooking time.

In addition to saving our time, cooking in a pressure cooker can also save up a lot of energy consumption which is lost during boiling or steaming- some old methods of cooking.

A meal can benefit you the most if all the healthy ingredients, including some vitamins and minerals, remain preserved. If you use old techniques of cooking like boiling or steaming, these vitamins and minerals are destroyed due to heating. But during pressurized cooking in a pressure cooker, these minerals are preserved adding more flavor and nutrients to your delicious, healthy meal. Cooking on higher altitudes is very difficult. Even a task like boiling an egg can consume so much of a person’s time, not to mention the time it takes to cook heavy meals. This time can be reduced if we use a pressure cooker. The cooker’s lid that is used to seal its mouth increases the pressure inside the pot making it easier to soften the food.

Easily cooked recipes using a Pressure Cooker

There are many recipes a beginner cook can learn to make in a pressure cooker. You can cook a healthy and delicious chicken and bacon stew in just 20 minutes. The pressure inside the cooker helps make the chicken tender and succulent, keeping intact all the minerals, vitamins, and flavor of the meal. You can also have a pot of baked potatoes instantly made using a pressure cooker. Some other recipes that can be easily made in electric pressure cooker include: Chicken noodle soup, daal (lentil), grains, chicken dish, beef stew, black beans and many more. Foods that require high pressure, like some grains, are cooked best in a pressure cooker. Timing is critical for such meals as in less time the meal would not be cooked properly; whereas, if we cook for a longer time, the meal would scorch to the bottom of the pressure cooker. So all you have to do is to add this appliance to your kitchen for easy cooking of the meals you desire to eat.

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