A Barbeque Enthusiast’s Gas Grill Buying Guide

Anyone who is a fan of barbequing certainly has a charcoal grill at home or a gas grill. A charcoal grill may do the job but a gas grill is certainly a level further and has many advantages. First of all they are very easy to clean when compared to charcoal grills. This is very useful to people who regularly grill as a charcoal grill can take up a huge portion of your time to clean especially if it has been long since a cleaning. The design of a gas grill also makes sure lesser accidents occur and a gas grill also becomes ready for grilling in about ten minutes time which is also lesser than most charcoal grills. Now we will look at 3 different ranges of best gas grills and see what each range offers us and which range do we actually need.

Entry level grills

The first of these is the entry level grills. As the name suggests, they are the most basic of all grill ranges available and a normal gas grill in this range can cost about a $100 at minimum and they can go up to $300. This range of grills does not need wood or charcoal as they do sufficiently well through producing their own heat. The best bet is to choose a grill that is made up of stainless steel as it can last longer without being deformed and needs less cleaning.

Medium level grills

Next we look at the medium range of gas grills. These grills usually offer more extensive features which just makes the whole process easier. They could have holders on sides and small stuff like that which may seem insignificant but adds to the whole experience. Choosing to go for a brand with a name in this regard is key as these grills can cost a lot and it is better to spend the money on something you know makes quality products.

High level grills

These are obviously the top of the line models and contain the most features of all the levels regardless of model. Again, buying a grill from the top names is a smart move since you know you will be getting a better worth for your money. That worth almost always comes in terms of extra features and after-sales services and warranties. These grills can cost upwards of $1500 and do not have a specific ending price as any new brand can put up a more luxurious and expensive grill out there.

We will now look at a feature of a gas grill that is crucial to understand how it works. The BTU is short for British Thermal Units and is a way of measuring a gas grills performance. It is a measure of how much gas a grill is able to burn. For smaller grills, a lower BTU rating can be useful at times since it allows better cooking but when you are looking at bigger sized grills, a bigger rating is something you should always look for.